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monday's playlist: 12/18/06
serge gainsbourg je t'aime...moi non plus
shockabilly 19th nervous breakdown
germs lexicon devil
roxy music sentimental fool
subhumans firing squad
lee scratch perry pussy man
fela kuti my lady frustration
lord kitchener betty mamselle
mass production firecracker
tarafa guarchita for shango miguel santa cruz, gustavo diaz & gonzalez
captain beefheart upon the my oh my
rova's 1995 welcome
lee morgan terrible t
bessie banks try to leave if you can (i bet you can't do it)
patti smith kimberley
bad brains day tripper/she's a rainbow
rising storm signed d.c.
fred schneider cut the concrete
ethiopians now give it up
snakefingers vestal virgins there's no justice in life
joe king carrasco gimme sody judy
raincoats don't be mean
jon spencer blues explosion flavor
jimmy reed i'm mr. hick
nick cave and the bad seeds the mercy seat
major matt mason usa mind contorted
ramones i want you around
the upstarts my cadillac
los pinkys flor de dalia
babes in toyland catatonic
nancy sinatra the city never sleeps at night
doa no god no war
archie shepp straight street
tuxedo moon the waltz
wei chung loh parting at yang kwan

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big pile of bones

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