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monday's playlist: 12/04/06
dot allison don't let the sun go down on your grivenances
shins phantom limb
manhattan love suicide providence
amiina seoul
captain beefheart safe as milk
roy campbell frankenstein & igor
shocking blue love buzz
rabbit ears jenny
cambodian rocks #2
bettie blowtorch love/hate
the winks to talk
jaymay sea green, see blue
mothers of invention you're probably wondering why i'm here
sam sachs it's a lie it's a fake
frenemies turned around
prevail within screaming blue at a red wall
wanda jackson let's have a party
robin hitchcock museum of sex
urban legend mi nombre es cuba
stephen malkmus pencil rot
joe strummer global a go go
laghsinaiiiega hoy me voy
cambodian rocks #14
mc5 kick out the jams
luscious jackson rollin'
stranglers walk on by
curtis mayfield future shock
modest mouse bury me with it
bags cavemen rejoice
rilo kiley the good that won't come out
rem so. central rain
revolting cocks do ya think i'm sexy
oakley hall 5 sided die
huevos rancheros white out in wyoming
clash clampdown
pigface closer to heaven
jackie gleason and away we go
handsome family she awoke with a jerk

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big pile of bones

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