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monday's playlist: 12/13/04

miles davis pharoahs dance
guitar wolf the way i walk
muddy waters sugar sweet
lesbians on ecstacy the pleasure principal
killing joke obsession
calamalka lumins
john coltrane & don cherry the blessing
oliver lake quintet 245
depeche mode barrel of a gun
bryan ferry take me to the river
r.l. burnside shake 'em on down
the flying lizards trouble
the brian jonestown massacre she's gone
the soft pink truth confession
fembots broken & blue
801 tomorrow never knows
los lobos let's say goodnight
sonic youth piano piece #13
flamin' groovies comin' after me
sammy davis jr. & buddy rich if it's the last thing i do
the smugglers your mom's the devil
the smiths heaven knows i'm miserable now
the white stripes death letter
sly & the family stone i want to take you higher
beehive & the barracudas scat noir thriller
patti smith glitter in their eyes
eric dolphy aggression
luscious jackson radiating
english beat rough rider
the ass baboons of venus low rent insect
john cale guts
ugly casanovas things i don't remember

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big pile of bones

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