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monday's playlist: 12/06/04

nina hagen tv glotzer (white punks on dope)
massive attack small time shot away
brian eno & david byrne help me somebody
campbell brothers morning train
nick cave & the bad seeds hiding all away
esg dance
depeche mode route 66
malcolm mclaren soweto
frank zappa & the mothers of invention are you hung up
wire map ref. 41°n 93°w
velvet underground european son
dead milkmen bitchin' camaro
million dead girlfriend in coma
klang waiting
the cure sinking
mf doom kookies
franz ferdinand the dark of the matinee
leonard cohen there for you
buzzcocks what do i get
fur cups for teeth bust a move
dollyrots wreckage
martha & the muffins paint by number heart
the hentchmen beware the dog
meat puppets crazy
christina rosenvinge dream room
the donnas revolver
chin up chin up collide the tide
madness night boat to cairo
jello biafra & the melvins enchanted thought fist
brian jonestown massacre when jokers attack
david bowie lady grinning soul
albert ayler universal indians
new order temptation

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big pile of bones

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