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monday's playlist: 12/16/02

the birthday party swampland
the breeders noaloha
the gtos the captain's fat theresa shoes
roger miret & the disasters ny belongs to me
fifty tons of black terror posthumous climax
l7 mr. integrity
shockabilly vietnam
creeper lagoon the way it goes
human sexual response land of the glass pinecones
the meat puppets lake of fire
the brogues i ain't no miracle worker
the ukranians let's fill up our drinking cups brother
the rolling stones the under assistant west coast promotion man
the t.s.u. tornadoes play the music tornadoes
chuck d & henry rollins rise above
jimi hendrix voodoo chile
robert mitchum ballad of thunder road
the hives supply and demand
big audio dynamite e=mc2
frank zappa you didn't try to call me
tom robinson 1-2-4-6-8 motorway
pavement frontwards
the agenda shake shake scream
hound dog taylor give me back my wig
hüsker dü turn on the news
iggy pop drink new blood
the animals one monkey don't stop no show
birdsongs of the mesozoic sad valentine
beatsteaks run, run
tom verlaine words from the front
kmfdm spit sperm
divine horsemen snake handler
13th floor elevators she lives in a time of her own
guided by voices big boring wedding
orchestra baobab dee moo woo
gbh midnight madness and beyond
ramones do you remember rock and roll radio
pere ubu heart of darkness
uncle tupelo i wanna be your dog
gang green bartender

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