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monday's playlist: 12/02/02

brian eno/david byrne jezebel spirit
revolting cocks sergio
nick cave & the bad seeds tupelo
the residents teddy bear
happy flowers my frisbee went under the lawnmower
caural sipping snake blood wine
johnny cash i'm so lonesome i could cry
jessica bailiff the hiding place
english beat mirror in the bathroom
built to spill carry the zero
franki baaz don't take it away
the bruces two dogs
flipper ha ha ha
elastica line up
new order rock the shack
the eyesores smoking shoes
sonic youth disconnection notice
eugene chadbourne dixie fried
oneida people of the north
pavement rain ammunition
the flaming lips frogs
joy division ceremony/shadowplay
smog cold blooded old times
luscious jackson rollin'
the jam start!
rainer maria automatic
skanatra come fly with me
ramones somebody put something in my drink
roky erickson bermuda
the donnas 5 o'clock in the morning
king sunny adé jah fummi
canray fontenot canray's breakdown
boozoo chavis & the magic sounds keep your dress tail down
the vigilantes man in space
judy clay & william bell private number
the fireballs good soul
fontanelle just, go, crazy
the baptist generals going back song

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