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monday's playlist: 11/30/09
the slew battles of heaven and hell
wild yaks blood red field
stooges fun house
motorhead ace of spades
los straightjackets twist party
minor threat screaming at a wall
r.e.m. living well is the best revenge
karen o and the kids hideaway
daniel johnston light of day
taylor hollingsworth 96 crayons
beat circus boy from black mountain
inspector 22 tea with pazuzu
laminated cat follow me around
an horse rearrange beds
the almost monster
wadada leo smith south central l.a. kulture
ergo little shadow
tegen & sara arrow
cribs we were aborted
mission of burma after the rain
spiral stairs wharf hand blues
bryan scary & shredding tears bye bye babylon
nirvana blew
hindi guns rock bottom
1997 pagan melodies
flaming lips powerless
lightning bolt nation of boar
computer perfection able archer
el perro del mar gotta get smart
they might be giants meet the elements
ooioo ooiah

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big pile of bones

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