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monday's playlist: 11/16/09
travis chandler's philharmonic wireless
pogues living in a world without her
stephen malkmus & the jicks water & a seat
steve earle conspiracy theory
vagina panther please just say so
ween i don't want it
talking heads psycho killer (live)
no age teen creeps
kurt vile hunchback
minutemen the anchor
yellow magic orchestra citizens of science
tom verlaine eighty eights
wipers just a dream away
residents viva las vegas
the walker brothers first love never dies
lee hazlewood some velvet morning
rinocerose machine pour les oreilles
vaselines jesus wants me for a sunbeam
portishead the rip
mccoy tyner for all we know
roy hargrove quintet i'm not so sure
charles mingus tijuana gift shop
fats waller patty cake, patty cake
yon lu katie don't be depressed
rogers sisters never learn to cry
sleater-kinney sympathy
x your phone's off the hook, but you're not
pine hill haints never cry
screaming females skull
throwing muses mercury
ann courtenay & the late bloomers don't be a fading bruise
7 year bitch knot
public image limited question mark
muddy waters rock me
r.l. burside rollin' & tumblin'
junior wells messin' with the kid
sonny boy williamson unseeing eye
wanda jackson jambalaya
waikikis mauna loa
times new viking relevant: now
tiny masters of today hey mr. dj
zombie surf camp sewage
tom waits falling down

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big pile of bones

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