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monday's playlist: 11/09/09
bob dylan political world
the fall janet vs. johnny
tom waits get behind the mule
dagons it flies out
nati cano's mariachi los camperos jose alfredo jimenez
either/orchestra altchalkoum
damian marley all night
super furry animals pric
systems officer solid one
rogue wave fantasies
de vries wherever you are
laminated cat sweet sixteen
flaming lips see the leaves
roxy music mother of pearl
daniel johnston tears
baby guts sea salt & wax
bikini kill new radio
birthday party ho-ho
brian jonestown massacre whoever you are
raveonettes heart of stone
ministry kyberpass
mission of burma possession
guitar wolf demon card
monotonix dreams never end
new order dreams never end
annie lennox ghosts in my machine
inspector 22 moon landing, take one
neutral milk hotel three peaches
the slits ask ma
yeah yeah yeahs fancy
swollen members warriors
del & tame one specifics
ghostface killah grew up hard
rob zombie demon speeding
motorhead one night stand
butthole surfers dracula from houston
x-ray spex germ free adolescent
girls morning light

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big pile of bones

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