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monday's playlist: 11/02/09
archie bronson outfit cuckoo
pink martini new amsterdam
boat the name tossers
hindi guns blue of noon
vlor maybe you should chew on my fist
spiral stair call the cease fire
gospel gossip big steer
neon indian psychic chasms
the diamond mine higher elevation
fight like apes snore bore whore
frank turner journey of the magi
variety lab love is a bird
drink up buttercup heavy hand
art decade infant joy
bryan scary & the shredding tears the red umbrella
old wives tales over you
coast west unrest fontana bounce
the almost monster
alice in chains all secrets known
the rifles the general
chuck berry too much monkey business
the swell season fantasy man
they might be giants cells
flaming lips watching the planets
osso year of the boar
via tania our wild flight
gossip for keeps
el perro del mar change of heart
le loup beach town
mission of burma slow faucet
nirvana paper cuts
the slits ask me
sunny day real estate round
alec ounsworth idiots in the rain
gordon gano & the ryans under the sun
ooioo uda hah

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big pile of bones

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