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monday's playlist: 11/20/06
depeche mode shake the disease
women and children ugly
boogie boarder spaghetti snorter
fake problems caravan of courage
crawlspace chemicals in the mall
pere ubu babylonian warehouses
pavement texas never whispers
brian jonestown massacre wisdom
primordial undermind intercessor
robert pollard join the eagles
soft machine a certain kind
beck motorcade
cut chemist the believe remix
josef k revelation
echo & the bunnymen going up
dirty martini waiting for magic
graham coxson just a state of mind
kristen hersh listerine
the evens all you find you keep
dan sartain totem pole
tempo no tempo static
clinic harvest (within you)
tom waits laid to peace
the reverse lights gone out
gits number one enemy
whitey a walk in the dark reprise
sonic youth tunic (song for karen)
tom verlaine travelling
los straightjackets tailspin
ten grand this isn't heaven, this sucks
dengue fever i'm sixteen
dead kennedys soup is good food
sunny day real estate the blankets were the stairs
kraftwerk the model
the pogues rain street
cat power willie
mision of burma good not great

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big pile of bones

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