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monday's playlist: 11/06/06
tom waits bottom of the world
the flaming lips the sound of failure
cucumber wondering
thrashmen tube city
the hives a little more for little you
the evens cut from the cloth
animal collective lablacely dress
slits slits tradition
graham coxson i can't look at your skin
jerry lee lewis before the night is over
the heartaches built for speed
l7 'til the wheels fall off
bikini kill this is not a test
devo speed racer
clinic harvest (within you)
suburban kids with biblical names trees & squirrels
robert pollard top of my game
the american dream tioga
billy bragg that's entertainment
melvins civilized world
ratos de parao hilidibar
tom waits down there by the train
miles davis pharoah's dance
roaring lion weatherman
i.k. dairo okin omoni (the king of children)
tom waits king kong

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big pile of bones

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