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monday's playlist: 11/29/04

beat happening godsend
marvin gaye you sure love to ball
le tigre nanny nanny boo boo
skinny puppy daddyuwarbash
nick cave & the bad seeds easy money
depeche mode barrel of a gun
daniel johnston my life is starting over again
jesus & mary chain bullet lovers
sleater-kinney a quarter to three
the donnas friends like mine
officer may slow burn
converge black cloud
these arms are snakes idaho
massive attack i am home
q and not u tag-tag
camper van beethoven the long plastic highway
the hives walk idiot walk
interpol rumba rumba
johnny hallyday noir c'est noir
negativland drink it up
orchestral manoeuvres in the dark international
einstürzende neubauten stella maris
kimya dawson singing machine
the cramps i was a teenage werewolf
motorhead in the black
pj harvey lying in the sun
calexico no doze
gorillaz clint eastwood
the fall words of expectation
tuscadero paper dolls
el guapo glass house
the diggers she's breakin' my heart (while i'm drinkin' her beer)
hackberry ramblers turtle tail
the legendary shack shakers all my life to kill
steam donkeys can't find a place to stay
the hentchmen perpetuate the continuance

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big pile of bones

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