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monday's playlist: 11/22/04

the defenders little deuce coupe
littly sammy the creeper returns
the brewsteraires where shall i be (when that first trumpet sounds)
roy milton everything i do is wrong
mose vinson mistreatin' boogie
erskine hawkins don't cry baby
the cadets stranded in the jungle
dick dale ramblin' man
johnny o'neal dead letter blues
mass production firecracker
shades nutrocker
h.p. lovecraft i've been wrong before
keith leblanc/malcolm x no sell out
the 4 tops it's the same old song
oscar mclollie hot banana
king curtis dynamite at midnight
boyd gilmore believe i'll settle down
the fugs nothing
wynonie harris grandma plays the numbers
gang of 4 the history of the world
little junior's blue flames sittin' drinkin' and thinkin'
eek a mouse d'yer maker
otis spann five spot
things to come sweetgina
walter "tang" smith hi tone mama
big maybelle i got it bad
the milkshakes run, chicken, run
chris & shack goodies
amos milburn sax shack boogie
jackie bronston tuckered out
cliff carlisle my rockin' mama
jeff stone everybody rocks
irv cottler arab dancer
l.j. thomas baby take a chance with me
johnny taylor who's making love
paul gayten driving home, part 2
johnny otis & his orchestra jumpin' the blues
howlin' wolf my troubles & me
chanterelle entre moi
kid rogers & the henchmen get away
the shutdowns 4 on the floor
link wray & his wraymen batman theme
abeti je suis fache
chuck berry how high the moon
calvin scott shame on the family name
willie nix baker shop boogie
cecila campos toro mata
billy the kid emerson something for nothing
diciey do singers sloop john b
alden holloway swinging the rock
los van van el baile de beuy carsao
majek fashek so long

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big pile of bones

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