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monday's playlist: 11/08/04

adolescents the good, the bad, the kowalskis
butthole surfers who was in my room last night?
the deadboys sonic reducer
cambodian rocks #1
bob marley lively up yourself
the cramps i'm cramped
france gall teenie weenie boppie
george clinton paint the white house black
the legendary shack shakers county of graves
flaming lips you have to be joking
the organ basement band song
daniel johnston rock this town
the stooges fun house
wire spent
the clash london calling
killing joke butcher
nick cave & the bad seeds hiding all away
the donnas i don't want to know (if you don't want me)
bambix silly so sorry
d.o.a. agony and the ecstasy
nofx dinosaurs will die
devo booji boy's funeral
warsaw no love lost
massive attack one thought at a time
teddy boys mona
duke ellington chelsea bridge
rahsaan roland kirk one nation
von freeman little brown book
jackie mclean what's new
death from above 1979 black history month
depeche mode route 66
neutral milk hotel theree peaches
munly & the lee lewis harlots goose walking over my grave

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big pile of bones

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