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monday's playlist: 11/01/04

leonard cohen kill the butcher
jello biafra & the melvins yuppie cadillac
le tigre after dark
fur cups for teeth a christmas presence
kimya dawson i will never forget
camper van beethoven 51-7
nick cave & the bad seeds o children
twinemen in my head
rondo brothers hey stewardess
dj rupture the book that can't be opened at either end
cowboys international strawberries
afrika bambaataa no dope fiend on the floor
talib kweli back up offa me
turing machine don't mind if i don't
saturday looks good to me when you get to new york
the libertines what katie did
th' losin' streaks blue girl
blood brothers my first kiss at the public execution
the cramps the way i walk
his & her vanities autopilot
wimpy dicks king george
motorhead whorehouse blues
calamalka electric blues
bonk i can't dance
david ivar herman dune my brand new bike
sons & daughters start to end
converge you fail me
happytones where's dick cheney?
legendary shack shakers help me
jesus wore dickies it doesn't matter anyway
elvis costello there's a story in your voice
driver of the year kings lead hat
bearclaw jigsaw
soledad brothers sons of dogs
the like young really up to you
frank black boom chickaboom
lesbians on ecstasy the pleasure principal
les georges leningrad fiti f.
john cale bicycle

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big pile of bones

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