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monday's playlist: 11/25/02

the diggers she's breakin' my heart (while i'm drinkin' her beer)
johnny cash hurt
the handsome family everything that rises must converge
elvis presley (marie's the name) his latest flame
henry rollins annihilate this week
television the fire
modest mouse dramamine
happy mondays 24 hour party people
jesus & mary chain taste the floor
lyres stoned
amos milburn chicken shack boogie
oxford circle mind destruction
camper van beethoven we're a bad trip
pepper & the shakers semi-psychedelic (it is)
ornette coleman search for life
lee scratch perry megaton bomb
go go gorillas it was a nightmare
special aka girlfriend
einsturzende neubauten morning dew
aretha franklin walk on by
kraftwerk pocket calculator
forcefield assassin mix assassa bogga
ice t dog n' the wax
har mar superstar let's get this party kickin'
björk big time sensuality
electronic flicker
booker t & the mg's hang 'em high
the darlings happening to me
individuals jungle superman
ikala colt rudd
the eyesores dashboard lazarus
jello biafra joey ramone
tracy + the plastics best of the 70's, 80's, 90's
chris murray the promise
adam green computer show
dewey redman imagination
nappy brown skiddy woe
jon spencer blues explosion greyhound
powers of blue you blow my mind

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