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monday's playlist: 11/18/02

johnny marr bangin' on
artists united against apartheid revolutionary situation
camper van beethoven the day lassie went to the moon
space negros let's go to the moon
space ghost nasty
the blam various disgraces
pixies monkey gone to heaven
björk human
the darlings new depression
adam green bleeding heart
captain beefheart ant man bee
suicide american mean
public enemy fight the power
har mar superstar we could be heavy
david cross my wife's crazy
the clash the crooked beat
leonard cohen democracy
killing joke america
pylon gyrate
dick dale firing up
kmfdm sturm und drang
big black kitty empire
ikara colt city of glass
art ensemble of chicago ja
louis jordan is you is, or is you ain't (my baby)
legendary pink dots 12th
out hud this bum's paid
psychedelic furs india
pavement summer babe (winter version)
negativland one more for the rodeo
wilson pickett mustang sally
the girls doggy auto
campfire girls thought police
flaming sideburns stripped down
the donnas too bad about your girl
the mountain goats first few desperate hours
gang of four natural's not in it
add n to (x) lick a battery (tongues across the terminals)
frank zappa and the mothers of invention what's the ugliest part of your body/absolutely free

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