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monday's playlist: 11/11/02

dead boys sonic reducer
ramones the kkk took my baby away
the forgotten pulling strings
thomas jefferson slave apartments quarrel with the world
betty blowtorch love/hate
the hives die, all right
bikini kill rebel girl
miles davis right off
pavement texas never whispers
death cab for cutie two cars
cigarbox planetarium zombie please
peter gabriel the barry williams show
the cassettes the girl with x-ray eyes
thrill kill kult kooler than jesus
nashville pussy i'm the man
beatsteaks soothe me
the titanics drag you down to my level
björk play dead
wanda jackson let's have a party
adam green baby's gonna die tonight
thompson twins the invisible man
champion jack dupree my home's in hell
the sonics the witch
roger miret & the disasters it's alright
link wray rumble
city of caterpillar a heart filled reaction to dissatisfaction
dinosaur jr. puke & cry
meat beat manifesto what does it all mean
hank williams lost highway
throwing muses soul soldier
skanatra i get a kick out of you
the donnas you wanna get me high
simian big black sun
bongwater when johnny dies
unbunny glacier
the mountain goats game show touch
the cure 17 seconds
shocking blue love buzz
campfire girls sad dog

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