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monday's playlist: 10/26/09
the mary onettes bricks
nirvana love buzz
built to spill life's a dream
phosphorescent blues we understand each other
roky erickson night of the vampire
arrington de dionyso mani malaikat
velvet underground chelsea girls
laminated cat red devils
mountain goats matthew 25:21
islands no you don't
elvis presley do the clam
sunny day real estate waffle
hole clouds
califone giving away the bride
monotronix as noise
kittie sorrow i know
alice in chains last of my kind
flaming lips evil
daniel johnston queenie the doggie
the slits babylon
portugal.the man everyone is golden
raveonettes bang
silver starlings something over nothing
castanets thaw & the beasts
zoos of berlin juan matus
boys noize transmission
mark matos & os beaches warrior & the thief
kurt vile overnite religion
johnny hodges empty ballroom blues
john coltrane africa

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big pile of bones

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