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monday's playlist: 10/19/09
sufjan stevens movement 1: in the countenance of kings
his & her vanities agenda
the pains of being pure at heart higher than the stars
via tania wonder stranger
flaming lips convinced of the hex
the heavy short change hero
fink see it all
anti-pop consortium lay me down
times new viking move to california
gospel gossip pre-med (just in case)
lake don't give up
fear & trembling the nebula
black heart procession wasteland
mission of burma 1,2,3, partyy!
big pink too young to love
old wives tales look
sunny day real estate seven
alec ounsworth that is not my home (after bruegel)
coast west unrest las vegas blvd.
rose melberg old days
the xx shelter
osso year of the horse
no age losing feeling
le loup saddle mountain
daniel johnston mind movies
rejectionist front another way
strike anywhere western scale
happy flowers simon
shonen knife super group
yo gabba gabba get the sillies out
karl blau nothing new
polvo right the relation
bruther bad way to go
hornet leg ribbon of fear
low silver rider
sonic youth total trash

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big pile of bones

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