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monday's playlist: 10/12/09
califone krill
ooioo ulda
they might be giants electric car
flight of the conchords carol brown
built to spill good ol' boredom
kurt vile inside lookin' out
the beatings nothing ventured nothing gained
kittie the truth
monotronix set me free
alec ounsworth when you've no eyes
har mar superstar creative juices
pastels/tenniscoats mou mou rainbow
silver starlings the news
james husband the darkestness
flaming lips worm mountain
mission of burma possession
alice in chains private hell
7 worlds collide girl make your own mind up
oi va voi every time
sunny day real estate rodeo jones
old canes sweet
the gossip love long distance
mark matos & os beaches tras-os-montes
raveonettes last dance
the slits peer pressure
daniel johnston light of day
castanets rose
gordon gano & ryans here as a ghost
paper zoo paper zoo
alec k redfearn & the seizures voice to skull
why? against me
my son the bum candle towards the door

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big pile of bones

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