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monday's playlist: 10/05/09
flaming lips powerless
black heart procession liars ink
dead man's bones buried in water
no age genie
drummer serious encounters
spiral beach raising the snake
disciplines shadow of your doubt
literary greats show me the coast
modest mouse king rat
eugene mirman #10
carolyn mark & nq arbuckle passing dream
am leavenworth
bob wills home in san antone
mission of burma forget yourself
headlights we're all animals
rubik indiana
grates milk eyes
awesome new republic hearts
the big pink crystal visions
cribs victims of mass production
shonen knife pyramid power
clientele never any one but you
old wives tales vending johnny
dark meat the faint smell of moss
portugal. the man the home
times new viking no time no hope
twilight sad that birthday present
yo la tengo more stars then there are in heaven
yo gabba gabba i like to dance
girls laura
karl blau apology to pollinateurs
alice donut mrs. carradine
frank turner live fast die old
caspian la cerva
my milky way arms honeymoon
flaming lips the sparrow looks up at the machine

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big pile of bones

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