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monday's playlist: 10/22/07
nick cave and the bad seeds (i'll love you) till the end of the world
old time relijun in the crown of lost light
mc5 miss x
donnas what do i have to do
the living end making time
albert ayler bells
mal waldron/marion brown hurry sundown
velvet underground i found a reason
fiery furnaces wicker whatnots
frank zappa the eric dolphy memorial barbecue
los pinkys el gorrioncilla pecho amarillo
ween cold blows the wind
robert wyatt just as you are
kristin hersh a loon
david bowie teenage wildlife
siouxsie into a swan
pylon look alive
the black lips veni vidi vici
juan trip high america
jenny hoyston spell d-o-g
magik markers empty bottles
tom waits midnight lullabye
sonny rollins change partners
lightnin' hopkins i'm a crawling black snake
the clash lost in the supermarket
oakley hall marine life
the residents this is a man's world
peter gabriel kon takt!
bettye lavette i guess we shouldn't talk about that now
le loup planes like vultures
lyle lovett all down hill
enon pigeneration
mission of burma absent mind
les savy fav brace yourself
robert pollard count on us

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big pile of bones

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