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monday's playlist: 10/08/07
robert wyatt on the town square
lucinda williams honey chile
guntaard get naked and roll around in it
the bags mount rockmore
siouxsie if it doesn't kill you
enon ashish
les savy fav patty lee
aeroplane, 1929 locomotives
robert pollard shadow port
healing force thank god for women
rsonist gimme dat
radio massacre international shut up
soulja boy crank dat
northern state better already
we versus the shark (after) life things
heavy trash you can't win
mabuses destination
uz jsme doma sliver
coco high low
prime movers true to me
vacancies hand of fear
killing pable new weathermen
old time relijun dark matter
rogue wave own your own home
magik markers four/the ballad of harry angstrom
thurston moore the shape is in a trance
steve earle city of immigrants
ladybirds cooper thanks for the birds
brunettes structure & cosmetics
los campesinos don't tell me to do the math(s)
polski fiat phylogeny
mannequin men private school
the followers has its moments
the stabalisers the way she is
young marble giants eating noddemix
plastiscines (zazie fait de la) bicyclette
girl in a coma road to home
donnas wasted
the go! team flashlight fight
drug rug day i die

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big pile of bones

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