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monday's playlist: 10/30/06
jerry lee lewis that kind of fool
daniel johnston unpack your adjectives
boyskout spotlight
pm dawn you got me floatin'
richie spice marijuana
melvin van peebles come on feet do your thing
nina hagen african reggae
erasure/lene lovich rage
the ettes alley cat
frank zappa the gumbo variations
aiko shimada and elizabeth falconer aka tombo
the who love reign o'er me
chavez flight 96
individuals jungle superman
burt bacharach casino royale
bunny wailer roots
serge gainsbourg negusa negust
miho hatori in your arms
velvet underground chelsea girls
illinois jacquet the comeback
antonio hart true friends
red garland quintet our delight
von bondies mairead
refugee all stars of sierra leone garbage to the showglass
somebody still loves you boris yeltsin anne elephant
tanya donelly long long long
4tet no more mosquitos
thurston moore dirt raga
pere ubu stolen cadillac
groove armada at the river
pain teens invitation
mosquito why don't i
lucia pamela what t'ot on is the question
johnny otis & his orch. jumpin' at the woodside

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big pile of bones

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