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big pile of bones
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monday's playlist: 10/23/06
dewey redman le clit
raybeats guitar beat
oliver lake trio 5/1
veruca salt sick as your secret
caural dead armies
snakefinger i followed georges dream
slits kill them with love
built to spill time trap
slumber party hey hey china
orchestral manoeuvres in the dark christine
birdsongs of the mesozoic nobody knows the troubles i see
the stooges fun house
jerry lee lewis who will the next fool be
chuck jackson i keep forgettin'
irene scruggs must get mine in front
13th floor elevators dust
rainer maria thought i was
joe mcphee po music oleo
rickey woodard turbulence
albert ayler our prayer
butthole surfers shame of life
nick cave & the bad seeds (are you) the one that i've been waiting for
billy bragg npwa
junior senior shake your coconuts
soft machine why are we sleeping?
the avalanches frontier psychiatrist
the meters they all ask'd for you
microscopic septet pack the ermines mary
the raveonettes bowels of the beast
robert pollard join the eagles
the slats ironman
david murray blues for felix

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big pile of bones

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