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monday's playlist: 10/16/06
robert pollard supernatural car lover
boyskout apt. 2a
joe lally there to here
the titanics totally mystified
imperial teen pig latin
beck motorcade
the jesus & mary chain something's wrong
jack danger ava
tanya donelly this hungry life
talking heads don't worry about the government
mouse on mars chartnok
george clinton atomic dog
miho hatori the spirit of juliet
mal waldron minoat
pere ubu blue velvet
lee "scratch" perry fight to the finish
the meteors the jupiter stroll
the clash clampdown
mr. catra vem nha nha
sol.illaquists of sound property & malt liquor
feedtime confused blues
motorhead trigger
flipper way of the world
some action live and learn
wolf eyes a million years
gang of 4 guns before butter
the aquarium good people
iggy pop run like a villian
björk violently happy
tito paris danca ma mi criola
conway twitty i need your lovin'
robin hitchcock & the venus 3 the authority box
brainiac flash ram
billy holiday day in day out
shonen knife blue oyster cult
the cure the hanging garden
sleater-kinney wilderness

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big pile of bones

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