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monday's playlist: 10/09/06
brazilian girls jique
refugee all stars of sierra leone pat malonthone
lee "scratch" perry panic in babylon
the tribattery pops green tambourine
pit er pat swamp
ike turner after hours
beck cellphones dead
albert kuvezin & yat kha love will tear us apart
john cale hallelujah
pharoah sanders ocean song
wire blessed state
don byron cleo's mood
four tet/sia breathe me
under byen stamesisk
kingdom motorcycling
the ettes i wanna go home
ad astra per aspera scatter baby spiders
los straightjackets twistin' in the rain
tara jane o'neil this beats
ghostface & a.g. 2koo7
slumber party 10-9-8-7-6-5-4
billy bragg the space race is over
cat empire the chariot
los monarcos soy criolla
dead moon day after day
james kochalka superstar britney's silver can
ouija radio the devil & the witch
black keys the flame
thee druggles forkhead
brian jonestown massacre new kind of sick
califone the eye you lost in the crusades
ponys i'll make you a star
pop will eat itself harry dean stanton
dinosaur jr. yeah we know
automaton hey hey hey hey

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big pile of bones

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