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monday's playlist: 10/02/06
billy bragg must i paint you a picture
steve earle the unrepentant
bedouin soundclash 12:59 lullaby
peru ubu texas overture
bob marley small axe
captain beefheart i'm gonna booglerize you baby
louise kennedy poo yai lee
mad professor harder than babylon
hella cafeteria bananas
james brown i don't want nobody to give me nothing (open up the door i'll get it myself)
french toast settle in
still flyin' coupla smokies
robyn hitchcock & the venus 3 belltown rumble
arthur lyman bwana a
barbara lynn sufferin' city
chin up chin up land locked lifeguards
the cat hit the road jack
the rapture get myself into it
robert pollard pegusas glue factory
paul westerberg all about me
lee scratch perry mokey party
these arms are snakes abracadabra
super satellite turns me on
pernice brothers zero refills
motorhead kingdom of the worm
dead moon dead moon night
spencer dickinson free
birthday party happy birthday
little alice why oh why
elf power all the world is everything
fluffy scream
dynasty handbag fading away
arthur "big boy" crudup that's your red wagon
israel vibration miscalculation
fats waller ain't misbehavin'
chad van gaalen burn 2 ash
shitake monkey i'm gonna take you home

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big pile of bones

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