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monday's playlist: 10/25/04

nick cave & the bad seeds abattoir blues
cowboys international matter of time
mad professor bedroom sensation
björk pleasure is all mine
ray charles roll with my baby
prodigy girls...
wrangler brutes adjust it
concrete blonde bajo la luna mexicana
nick cave & the bad seeds easy money
gibby haynes dream machine
hüsker dü what's going on
nirvana dive
motorhead in the black
giant sand cracklin' water
pixies monkey gone to heaven
mudhoney halloween
landing filament
comets on fire wild whiskey
the cramps sunglasses after dark
daniel johnston impossible love
legendary shack shakers where's the devil when you need him?
calamalka tabla purists
david ivar herman dune do the swimming dragon
camper van beethoven new roman times
nick cave & the bad seeds hiding all away
mooney suzuki legal high
interpol narc
le tigre sixteen
turing machine bleach it black
q and not u passwords
william shatner i can't get behind that
kimya dawson it's been raining
dixie dirt boulevard
shoplifting raw nails now
dj rupture mole in your ground
bambix butch
lesbians on ecstasy queens on noise (bring da bunny)
gov't mule bad man walking
little jimmy dickens hillbilly fever

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big pile of bones

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