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monday's playlist: 10/18/04

portishead biscuit
funkadelic wars of armageddon
bill laswell space-time paradox
john cale set me free
yoko ono mindweaver
northern state siren song
peter gabriel handauflegen
blues explosion spoiled
raybeats searching
nancy sinatra mommy's boy
les yper-sound psyché rock
john cooper clarke i don't want to be nice
pj harvey long snake moan
hot snakes retrofit
dinosaur jr. puke & cry
rtx heavy gator
captain beefheart i'm gonna booglerize you baby
king floyd groove me
stephen malkmus 1% of one
the shocker smoke rings (up your ashtray)
sons & daughters broken bones
q and not u throw back your head
kimya dawson singing machine
saturday looks good to me since you stole my heart
daniel johnston walking the cow
reverand glasseye spook the turks nag
avalanches radio
har mar superstar cut me up
sonic youth i love you golden blue
pharoah sanders our roots (began in africa)
tricky bad dream
tom waits don't go in the barn
serge gainsbourg juit et dieu
austin pitre lousiana aces special
dj rapture featuring sister nancy little more oil

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big pile of bones

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