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monday's playlist: 10/11/04

grace jones send in the clowns
shoukichi kina subete no hit o no kokoro ai hanna o
johnny halliday noir cest noir
thompson twins perfect game
trio tutti frutti
shoplifting ask me
joe "king" carrasco caca de vaca
camper van beethoven that gum you like is back in style
warsaw the kill
curtis lee pretty little angel eyes
daniel johnston king kong
lene lovich new toy
le tigre i'm so excited
prodigy spitfire
visage fade to grey
hot water music ink and lead
november group shake it off
tom waits baby gonna leave me
delta 5 telephone
comsat angels the thought that counts
life of boys i hate cars
motorhead killers
hot snakes plenty for all
the shocker my life as a plumber
wolf eyes village oblivia
q and not u beautiful beats
jackie mclean strange blues
mccoy tyner sama layuca
eric dolphy glad to be unhappy
kimya dawson it's been raining
eleven eleven suicide tuesday
elvis costello bedlam
les georges leningrad missing gary
sons & daughters johnny cash
guided by voices asphyxiated circle
the muffins they came on unknown nights
frausdots fashion death trends
flogging molly 7 deadly sins

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big pile of bones

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