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monday's playlist: 10/04/04

sam sachs it's a lie, it's a fake
david bowie it's no game (part 1)
p.m. dawn you got me floating
frank zappa & the mothers of invention it can't happen here
the moving sidewalks i want to hold your hand
daniel johnston like a monkey in a zoo
camper van beethoven white fluffy clouds
the life of boys oh well
john cale reading my mind
lloyd price i wish your picture was you
the news blue shoes
albert ayler ghost
ensemble from yambol karmensko
johnny "guitar" watson she move me
motorhead in the black
le tigre tko
the shocker break in two
blues explosion fed up and low down
the clash clampdown
boney m rasputin
low immune
interpol public pervert
dixie dirt defender
cecil taylor #3
charles mingus moanin'
ron wray light show speed
tom waits baby gonna leave me
new order everything's gone green
joseph arthur puppets
giant sand nyc of time
david greenberger two strokes
these arms are snakes pearly whites
slackers international war criminal
björk submarine
the like young heard your health
lee hazelwood & nancy sinatra some velvet morning

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big pile of bones

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