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monday's playlist: 10/21/02

sonic youth into the groove(y)
tristeza panic power
killing joke pilgrimage
asian dub foundation change a gonna come
spitzz i'm not alive
meat beat manifesto yuri
orchestral manuevers in the dark love and hate you
los bravos black is black
the white stripes sugar never tasted so good
pavement you're killing me
hot hot heat get in or get out
leonard cohen take this waltz
abdou ana aachki bahloul
gang of four the dark ride
elf power i walk with the zombie
roky erickson please judge
roy orbison candy man
beat happening noise
dead milkmen watching scotty die
james kochalka superstar quick stop parking lot
the flaming sideburns spanish blood
mc5 sister anne
gob for the moment
the herione sheiks 3-banger
johnny dowd monkey run
john doe employee of the month
yoko ono o'wind (body is the scar of your mind)
the litter i'm a man
noahjohn two members
the handsome family drunk by noon
nwa 8 ball
gary bartz heavy blue
duke ellington switch blade
the residents don't be cruel
twilight circus dub sound system mad groove
hanged up losing your charm
steel pole bathtub spun

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