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monday's playlist: 09/28/09
sam sacks yodel blues
true margrit metaphor
star & micey carly
julian plenti games for days
drums down by the water
sam sacks hi lili hi low
the oculist what needs to be done to convince you of this
pastels/tenniscoats song for a friend
rose melberg things that we do
the ettes i can't be true
sunny day real estate song about an angel
sherwood free
le loup forgive me
islands on foreigner
drug rug blue moon
raveonettes gone forever
castanets no trouble
fumes who do you love
ya gabba gabba party in my tummy
alice in chains acid bubble
kittie whiskey love song
monotronix i can't take it anymore
times new viking 2/11 don't forget
the xx infinity
silver starling blue light
why? berkeley by horseback
mount eerie between two mysteries
the pains of being pure at heart higher than the stars
gordon gano & the ryans wave & water
laminated cats angel i am coming home
uke of space corner qui quo qua
tyondai braxton the duck and the butcher
hey ocean! terribly stable
the beatings the scapegoats
blue scholars cruz
infected mushroom herbert the pervert
modest mouse whale song

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big pile of bones

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