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monday's playlist: 09/21/09
raveonettes d.r.u.g.s.
panther springwater
owen never been born
desolation wilderness san francisco 2am
alice donut don't i know
the big pink a brief history of love
yo gabba gabba goodbye song
girls hell hole rat race
arctic monkeys crying lightning
am grand opinion
gordon gano & the ryans still suddenly here
castanets dance dance
dark meat when the shutter came
amusement parks on fire young fight
spiral beach midnite orange
blk jks kwa nqingetje
múm prophecies and reversed memories
julie peel innocence
coast west unrest silent spring
jenn grant heartbreaker
plastiscines camera
electric tickle machine ask me anything
grates storms & fevers
hornet leg ribbon of fear
pale saints one blue hill
at for along way through
mystery of two the spark is sweet
darlings eviction party
shonen knife muddy bubble hell
eva & the heartmaker life still goes on
madness we are london
danko jones city streets
the clean simple fix
frank turner try this at home
taken by trees to lose someone
speech debelle better days
blitzen trapper black river killer
the vivs better now

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big pile of bones

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