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monday's playlist: 09/14/09
os mutantes samba do fidel
ogden edsl kinko the clown
baaba maal a song for women
ibrahim hamma dicko badi tiba
gordon gano & the ryans under the sun
golden silvers another universe
sunny day real estate 8
the ceylieb people ceyladd beta
frank zappa the grand wazoo
powers of blue you blow my mind
the beatings all the things you've been missing
le loup sherpa
the pneurotics white mans disease
the ettes keep me in flowers
alec k redfearn & the seizures the hole
royal bangs war bells
slaraffenland hunting
pinocchio & his puppets fusion
von freeman walkin' tuff
roy eldridge fish market
irma thomas old records
the drums submarine
the twilight sad i became a prostitute
lysine gravity
codes in the clouds distant street lights
marianne faithfull my friends have
jemina pearl retrograde
the penelope[s] saved
melloncollies stay with me
circulatory system woodpecker greeting worker ant
polite sleeper from waiting list to walk in
windmill ellen save our energy
cougar thundersnow
my son the bum waiting for the shoe to drop

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big pile of bones

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