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monday's playlist: 09/07/09
sacred miracle cave salvation (1991)
sales department on baseline
grand archives witchy park/tomorrow (will take of itself)
arctic monkeys dance little liar
slut greg
the vivs (you should have seen) the other guy
the fumes slay the liar
polar bear club chasing hamburg
fruit bats tegucigalpa
black lips i saw a ghost
hornet leg rollin' & tumblin'
mad season wake up
uke of space corners doggies
the death set around the world
shonen knife deer biscuits
vaselines dying for it
fools gold momentary shelter
landed tip of the whip
eva & the heartmaker possible escape possible mistake
blk jks banna da modino
pere ubu act 2 scene 2a: less said the better/big sombrero
the pinx change me
mystery of two repeat it
infected mushroom end of the road
jenny lewis the next messiah
old wives tales dancedancedancing
caspian melacoda
red channels you sleep
hope sandoval for the rest of your life
the iguanas twist & shout
polvo city birds
bronzed chorus t.d.w.d. on georgia
drug rug paint the fence invisible
rainbow arabia haunted hall

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big pile of bones

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