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monday's playlist: 9/24/07
drug rug tiny people
capgun group time
run dan run the set up: the black out
thurston moore off work
black before red underneath gold
one switch collision smokes
two gallants the deader
brian jonestown massacre i've been waiting
adriana maciel samba dos animais
los campesinos you! me! dancing!
skatalites margueritas lament
boy/girl rorshack
new young pony club get lucky
rilo kiley dreamland
donnas when the show is over
young marble giants music for evenings
tegan & sara back in your head
plastiscines loser
miles davis maiysha
hot hot heat let me in
prinzhorn dance school no books
girl in a coma clumsy sky
le loup canto xxiv
imperial teen what you do
somnambulists they were kings
heavy trash they were kings
steve earle red is the color
carolyn mark the 1 that got away (with it)
captain beefheart ice cream for crow
les savy fav the lowest bitter
grand ole party roll on down
georgie james cheap champagne
deadly syndrome eucalyptus
múm marmalade fires
jumbling towers cowards
bedouin soundclash until we burn in the sun
beat happening pinebox derby

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big pile of bones

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