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monday's playlist: 9/17/07
thurston moore trees outside the academy
division of planes sneak on up
animal collective strawberry jam
section quartet the man who sold the world
nina nastasia & jim white odd said the doe
tiny masters of today k.i.d.s.
th' legendary shack shakers old spur line
stereo-total mehr licht
mannequin men we are free
gossip eyes open
red collar hands up
rogue wave harmonium
coathangers tonya harding
diamonda galas dancing in the dark
pj harvey the darkness of me & him
baby guts rocket hips
oakley hall free radicals lament
the go team! my world
babs gonzales these new york neighbors
montana da mac real recognize real
bettye lavette jealousy
the big squeeze hat 2 da bacc
shape of broad minds buzz around town
modest mouse fire it up
killing joke millenium
gang of 4 i found that essence rare
coco asteroids

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big pile of bones

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