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monday's playlist: 9/10/07
kronos quartet flugufreslarinn
charlemagne you are my diary
divine horsemen handful of sand
frauds to fall in love
bedouin soundclash higher ground
interpol pioneer to the falls
figurines childhood verse
david bowie see emily play
plastiscines la regle du jeu
orange karma chameleon
ministry watch yourself
tunng bullets
mannequin men dead kids
konono no 1 zey isa langa
young marble giants the man amplifier
the real tuesday weld the decline and fall of the clerkenwell kid
heavy trash outside chance
wizard, the knocks & catyclysmic sounds it's going down
golden arm trio bulldoze: the super power dance
stabilisers she's a goth
black lips it feel alright
steve earle come home to me
paulinho guima eh sanfonero
deadly syndrome animals wearing clothes
weakerthans virtute the cat explains her departure
brunettes brunettes against bubblegum youth
mirah & spectratone international gestation of the sacred beetle
prinzhorn dance school spaceman in your garden
northern state mother may i?
kamikaze ground crew everybody is a star
kmfdm bumaye
mabuses sugarland
via audio enunciation
balzac godless

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big pile of bones

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