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monday's playlist: 9/03/07
mystery of two relics
monument nom de plume
steve earle satellite radio
the go team patricia's moving pictures
pavement extradition
imperial teen do it better
new young pony club get lucky
somnambulits close second
coathangers wreckless boy
girl in a coma road to home
mccoy tyner walk spirit, talk spirit
lyle lovett i will rise up/ain't no more cane
oakley hall angela
jumbling towers substitute
tegan & sara relief next to me
baby guts tetnis
stereo total miss rebellion des hormones
thank god for astronauts daggers in the street
talib kweli hot thing
prozak shinin'
busta rhymes watch ye mouth
michael franti & spearhead every single soul
mala rodriguez nanai
le loup le loup (fear not)
pontiak white hands
snmnmnm back to school
ghost of the russian empire hammer hands

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big pile of bones

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