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monday's playlist: 9/25/06
motorhead under the gun
aceyalone & rakae champions
happy flowers not a happy birthday
roky erickson we are not talking
pleasurecraft equal to six
arthur prysock got to get you off my mind
lenny dee tequila
doxies war against the future
ray agee when the deal goes down
the cramps hipsville 29bc
nouvelle vague shack up
nick cave & the bad seeds as i sat sadly by her side
under byen pilot
the souveniers bump de bump
johnny lydon dog
slumber party electric cave
my life with the thrill kill kult kooler than jesus
amsterband st. nick on the fourth in a fervor
los straightjackets do the daddy-o
buffali peach lullaby
please step out of the vehicle we will go everywhere (part 2)
lemonheads let's just laugh
tommy lampkin the weather's stormy
kill pop shutout
lungfish signpost
mad tea party space repair
mountain goats wild sage
mojo nixon perry mason of love
dynasty handbag open up & bleed
pilot scott tracy there is a light that never goes out
mercy killers end transmission
isaac hayes i can't turn around
roxy bloom & patina praxis nautilus
monstrous wanna gun
slim harpo dreamgirl
gerry mulligan gold rush
obo addy the shores of elmina
snakes say hissss watch out snakes

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big pile of bones

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