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monday's playlist: 9/18/06
george coleman innocent little doggie
concrete blonde bajo le lune mexicana
johnny horton north to alaska
the pfaff family dog two hits & the joint turned brown
joy division atrocity exhibition
basement jaxx hush boy
ren & stimpy is anyone out there
renaldo & the loaf a critical dance
otis redding i can't turn you loose
sugar what you want it to be
archie bronson outfit modern lover
modest mouse she atomizes and ionizes
al farke toure n'jarou
residents honey bear
hank snow there's a pony that's lonely
iggy pop dog food
hot snakes retrofit
ralph stanley short life of trouble
television see no evil
the black keys goodbye babylon
mothers of invention any way the wind blows
hives die, all right
easy star all stars climbing up the walls
the rapture don gon do it
marvin phillips wine woogie
the ethiopians train to skaville
slumber party thin is wide
george clinto & the pfunk all stars whole lotta shakin
zeus diablo al infierno
ooioo uja
might sparrow sparrow vs. melody picong
coleman hawkins quietessence
sliver lake 245
mountain goats in coralla
the randies freezer burn
the ettes spend my money
miss violetta beauregarde the unbearable lightness of a farm tractor
we landed on the moon before the lights come up

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big pile of bones

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