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monday's playlist: 9/11/06
triffids estuary bed
the beatles revolution 1
the rapture first gear
team dresch she's crushing my mind
the cure fight
sonny rollins the bridge
pretty girls make graves something bigger, something bright
the seeds can't seem to make you mine
quintron backwoods
chinese stars sick machine
mitch ryder & the detroit wheels you got your kicks
bauhaus in the flat field
sputnik monroe shouts at the requiem
the beatings stockholm syndrome relapse
beck nausea
tuscadero given up
barbara lewis hello stranger
turn me on dead man cyclops
james kochalka superstar britney's silver can
sonic youth star power
adam green drugs
nouvelle vague the killing moon
muddy waters rock me
damned i just can't be happy today
wire a touching display
dj shadow this time i'm gonna try it my way
ecstatic sunshine goose
wayne kramer back to detroit
comets on fire lucifers memory
low monkey
guided by voices cock soldiers and their post war stubble
pavement half a canyon
kristen hersh your ghost
flesheaters part time wife
el guapo being boulevards

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big pile of bones

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