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monday's playlist: 9/04/06
basement jaxx everbody
talking heads the great curve
bongwater you're like me now
xiu xiu save me save me
hot snakes let it come
jesus and the devil punk rock song
left alone city to city
triffids lonely stretch
eugene chadbourne 7 + 7
husbands look what you've done
b52's there's a moon in the sky (called the moon)
john doe let's get lost
new granada emergency brigade
new order waiting for the sirens call
wire too late
css alala
butthole surfers cowboy bob
jad fair shoe strings
shoukichi kina don-don bushi
bob marley war no more trouble
big maybelle one monkey don't stop no show
lord melody my baby is all right
john coltrane i hear a rhapsody
charlie parker funky blues
stan getz easy living
fela ransome kuti gentlemen
chad van gaalen graveyard
michael stripe l'hotel
adem warning call
jab mika och el haircut from the above
everything absent or distorted (a love story) the exit parade
loveage strangers on a train
two ton boa gumshoe
pj harvey good fortune
hello goodbye stuck on you

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big pile of bones

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