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monday's playlist: 09/27/04

malcolm mclaren about her
prodigy hotride
le tigre this island
the sermon exterminator
james chance off black
tom waits top of the hill
menomena e. is stable
melvins + lustmord idolatrous apostate
william shatner i can't get behind that
camper van beethoven the long plastic highway
blues explosion crunching
dixie dirt small town crisis
rebuilthangertheory wilhelm reich
silkworm don't look back
giant sand hood (view from a heidelburg hotel)
tanya donnelly just in case you quit me
the muffs how i pass the time
thalia zedek island song
gibby haynes kaiser
interpol a time to be small
saves the day sell my old clothes, i'm off to heaven
hot water music under everything
flogging molly factory girls
bring back the guns art of malnutrition
the libertines road to ruin
these arms are snakes gadget arms
his & her vanities hot hair tuesday
roaring lion bananas
george jones she's all i got
battles dance
björk mouth's cradle
mighty spoiler talking backwards
har mar superstar back in the day
the ex dog tree
dollhouse bang bang band
th' losin' streaks beg, steal or borrow

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big pile of bones

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