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monday's playlist: 09/20/04

blues explosion rattling
le tigre i'm so excited
the red krayola i saw a photograph
björk oceania
paul westerberg what about mine
motorhead suicide
guitar wolf time machine of tears
black keys the lengths
john cale things
har mar superstar o
diamanda galas baby's insane
tom waits when you ain't got nobody
menomena cough coughing
rtx pulling out now
comets on fire wild whiskey
the beatles tomorrow never knows
viva voce they never really wake up
echo & the bunnymen ripeness
camper van beethoven civil disobedience
guided by voices girls of wild strawberries
the mooney suzuki messin' in the dressin' room
the briefs killed by ants
nancy sinatra let me kiss you
landing filament
flogging molly screaming at the wailing wall
the losing streaks your love now
the like young tighten my tie
interpol obstacle 1
radio 4 coming up empty
teen idles sneakers
x-ray spex oh bondage up yours
mouse on mars wipe that sound
kurtis blow 8 million stories
the staple singers respect yourself
his & her vanities autopilot
peter gabriel biko
le tigre don't drink poison

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big pile of bones

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