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monday's playlist: 09/13/04

john cale zen
dixie dirt boulevards
breeders mad lucas
the collectors the beginning
ministry all day
sugar explode and make up
king missile another political poem
gerry mulligan quartet bweebida bobbida
sun ra travel the spaceways
eric dolphy densities
warsaw at a later date
guitar wolf katsumiya tobacco city
stooges funhouse
gibby haynes 15000
violent femmes held her in my arms
urge overkill the kids are insane
the who a quick one while he's away
ween she's your baby
talking heads this must be the place (naive melody)
oasis d'you know what i mean?
guided by voices tour guide at the winston churchill memorial
mary wells you beat me to the punch
sammy vance & group guilty of love
the souvenirs voodoo love
blues explosion burn it off
the trashmen tube city
ted taylor keep walking on
robert wyatt shrinkwrap
radio 4 shake the foundation
landing fluency of colors
king missile america kicks ass
twink cinderella's big score
the white stripes the big three killed my baby
trotsky icepick 20 nights with godzilla
hanalei action drum
the mooney suzuki primitive condition
wet paint glass road

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big pile of bones

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